Bespoke functional markings and logos

We specialise in bespoke, personalised floor markings
Bespoke floor markings and logos

MnD Floors specialise in bespoke hand-marked and painted floor markings/logos, allowing clients to personalise their workspace to fit their needs.

We believe that a floor isn’t just something that you walk on, but can also be an extension to your apparatus. By adding hand-marked, custom-coloured, painted functional markings and bespoke logo/designs ­­– simple flooring can become functional flooring and a piece of equipment in itself.

We can customise your chosen fl­ooring to match your sport facility’s identity. Our fl­oors are available in a huge range of colours along with a range of thicknesses and resilience levels. We also offer bespoke functional markings and logos to match your corporate image exactly.


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