A range of surfaces from indoor to outdoor
Carpet track in the gym
MnD Sports Carpet Track

MnD Carpet Tracks are the ideal artificial sport surfaces for prowler/sled exercises – a 4-way pile means you can push, pull or turn with ease. Our prowler/sled pull tracks come in a wide range of colours and designs which can include bespoke custom logos and lines.

Artificial surfaces / multipurpose carpet for playgrounds
MnD Multipurpose Carpet

MnD Multipurpose Carpet is ideal for children’s’ playground areas with a soft underlay for them to crawl round. We can insert any images, numbers and letters so the floor can become a learning tool in itself. While the children are having fun playing they can be learning at the same time.

Artificial tennis court
Tennis Courts

Cushioned acrylic proflex and poraflex create the ideal tennis court surfaces and can be used for both indoor and outdoor tennis courts. Proflex is extremely durable and resistant to wear, making it last for years. Proflex has a cushioning effect which isn’t affected by wear or seasonal temperatures. The cushioning mat, which forms part of the Proflex flooring, comes with a uniform thickness, so wherever the ball bounces on the court, it will be a true bounce.

MnD Artificial Surface in the garden
MnD Artificial Grass

MnD Artificial Grass transforms your garden into a low maintenance, outdoor extension of your home. There are countless benefits to having synthetic grass over a natural lawn: picture having a lush, green and healthy lawn every day of the year, never having to mow, weed or water your grass again.

We offer a range of synthetic grass & all-weather surfaces to suit your individual requirements. All of the artificial grasses we offer are extremely hardwearing, natural in appearance and provide a surface for pets, children and all the family.


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