From home gyms to leading health clubs and sporting institutions
Free weight and gym flooring

We specialise in the installation of the market’s leading resilient rubber sports fl­ooring, from personal home gyms to the UK’s leading health clubs and sporting institutions. The high density of the product allows for an exceptionally durable surface that can withstand abuse and high traffic while providing comfort and safety.

We have installed this product in public and private facilities alike. Depending on your particular needs, it can be loose laid with heavy-duty, double-sided tape or it can be fully adhered.


Free weight / gym flooring rolls
Free weight / gym flooring tiles
Versatile Rubber Flooring

A versatile rubber flooring which has been laid in thousands of fitness clubs, sports facilities, exhibition halls and sales areas throughout the world. Manufactured using a combination of different elastomers which give it a unique level of wear-resistance and flexibility. These properties make the ideal flooring for areas exposed to high mechanical loads. It is easy on the joints and ligaments and has excellent anti-slip characteristics. We have a large number of different thicknesses, layouts, colours, designs and special products that are all ideally suited to both sports and working environments, providing high performance and a great look.

Rubber sports flooring alongside inlaid platform
Virgin Active gym flooring
Rubber sports flooring
Rubber sports flooring for free weights

Weights Flooring

We have a range of free-weight flooring which includes a large number of different thicknesses, layouts, colours, designs and special products that are all ideally suited to both sports and working environments, providing high performance and a great look to any weight room.

Tiles protect subfloors and screed against damage caused by placing heavy weights on the floor or accidentally dropping them. With a thickness of up to 43 mm and consisting of compacted rubber material, they largely cushion heavy impacts and absorb the resulting pressure wave. The tiles can be integrated into the floor as fixed components or simply laid over the floor. They can also be connected to each other using the plastic dowels provided. In addition to their impact-absorbent properties, the tiles can give some insulation against impact sound. The floor covering is available in a wide range of designs and provides a high-quality, decorative appearance that integrates harmoniously with other flooring.

Free weight / gym flooring tiles

  • Weight rooms
  • Athletic locker rooms
  • Aerobic rooms
  • Fitness centers
  • Store fronts
  • Office buildings
  • Childcare centres
  • Gymnasiums
  • Ice arenas
  • Ski lodges

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