Sports flooring to meet the rigours of any game

We provide the very best sports surfaces possible by choosing from our seamless sports fl­ooring range – the preferred choice for numerous professional sports organisations around the UK, whose success depends on the quality of the training surfaces available.

Whatever your chosen sport (football, volleyball, badminton or running) we can install a sports floor that’ll meet the rigours of the game. We supply and install a versatile range of indoor ­flooring surfaces designed for durability and low maintenance at an affordable price. We have been supplying and installing our products throughout the UK, Europe and beyond for over 10 years.

multipurpose seamless sports flooring - running track
Seamless sports floor with versatile markings
multipurpose seamless sports flooring - hall

Our proven multipurpose seamless sports flooring has been used for decades in numerous gymnasiums, indoor sports halls and school halls/gyms. Our multipurpose seamless sports flooring stands out with its wide range of use and long service life. We combine a pre-fabricated rubber base mat with superior self-levelling polyurethane coatings, a combination that results in the highest quality sports fl­ooring system available. Its fast play, excellent ball rebound, shock absorption and high resistance to rolling loads make it the preferred choice of professional athletes and their trainers.

We can customise your fl­ooring to match your sport facility’s identity. Our fl­oors are available in a huge range of colours along with a range of thicknesses and resilience levels. We also offer court markings and bespoke logos to match your corporate image exactly.


  • Gymnasiums
  • Indoor sports halls
  • School halls & gyms
  • Multipurpose areas

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